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Generate Leads That Convert To Sales Using Facebook Ads And Sales Funnels! 
We Help You Grow Your Business By Setting Up, Running And Managing Facebook Ads And Sales Funnels
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Target Your Market
Marketing Goals...
  •  Our Facebook Advertising is comprised of both high quality ad copy and professionally designed graphics, which will be shown to highly targeted and qualified audiences to result in maximum warm audience growth, email database growth and, ultimately, long-term customers for your business.
  •  Target new prospects and/or current clients and attract them to your organization, while increasing email database, exposing clients to product launches and building an audience for ALL future correspondence, which will all support increasing long term revenue for your business.
  •  Our mission is to turn cold traffic into warm traffic, warm traffic into customers and customers into raving fans through a series of audience building campaigns, audience warming campaigns, and continued exposure.
Goals for Facebook/Sales Funnel Advertising Campaign...
  •  Maintain Like Campaigns, Video Ad(s), Clicks Campaigns and Lead Generation Campaigns as applicable to ensure your business message/offer is consistent.
  •  Ensure there is an “Evergreen” flow of targeted leads to grow your customer base with the intention of closing a percentage of those leads on sales.
  •  Grow email list of qualified leads that can be easily followed up with phone or email campaigns.
What's Included...
  •  Facebook marketing funnel strategy for Lead Generation
  •  Competitive Research
  •  Facebook Audience Targeting Research
  •  Facebook page optimization (as needed) and marketing funnel recommendations
  •  Create content for ads, which is cohesive with your brand’s story and the messaging on the relevant URLs for each campaign.
  •  Highlight your number one value proposition and provide copy/script to include a clear call-to-action.
  •  Daily Campaign Management during the campaign.
Facebook Campaign Setup & Optimization...
  •   Facebook targeting research
  •  Facebook Audience Targeting
  •  Facebook ad campaign implementation & tracking
  •  Please Note: Facebook advertising budget to be paid by client directly to Facebook.
  •  Coaching on how to sell & convert leads, plus offering ideas for additional revenue streams. We will also recommend social media content strategies.
  •  Recommendations on how to best position your content online. 
  •  One monthly marketing call included to discuss ads, reporting & updates.
  •  Regular campaign/ad reporting will be provided monthly.
  •  Most questions/support will be handled during marketing update call. However, phone and email support is available within reason during campaign and during normal business hours Monday-Friday.
  •  Please allow for a 48-hour response period for all email/phone communication regarding campaign concerns/inquiries.
What Our Advertising Service Will Do For You...
  •  Build Your Audience on Facebook so you can increase your reach and increase your influence. The larger and more engaged your audience, the more wealth and affluence you can create.
  •  Generate leads on demand. We focus on generating leads for you on Facebook for the lowest price possible using our proven, time-tested Ad strategies that work day in and day out like clockwork.
  •  Generate sales through Facebook Ads and Sales Funnel. Facebook is full of people are looking to solve their problems and when they see your ads and resonate with them... they will be taken to a landing page that clearly communicates the value of your products or services.
  •  Our Done-For-You Facebook and Sales Funnel Advertising Service will take the stress out of lead generation and selling for you so you can focus on what you do best while you let us, the Facebook and Sales Funnel Experts, focus on what we do best.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • What happens after enrollment?
  • After you get started by enrolling in our Done-For-You Facebook Ads and Sales Funnel Service here, you'll go through our Advertising Questionnaire and then we'll setup a call to review that questionnaire with you and schedule the date for when you would like your ads to go LIVE.
  •  Do I get a dedicated account manager?
  • Yes, you most certainly do. You are assigned an account manager once you enroll. All of our account managers are overseen by Greg Douglas himself. They have been trained internally and are also constantly up to date with the most cutting edge Facebook Advertising Strategies. 
  •  Do you guarantee results?
  • We guarantee we will use our expertise in Facebook Ads to generate leads and sales for your business. However, we can not guarantee you will make a million dollars in the next 30 days. Building a business takes focus, dedication and constant improvement plus optimization to get the best results. 
  • We guarantee that we will invest your money wisely as if it were our own. Our results in advertising online speak for themselves.
  • How does this service work?
  • We have a 5-step proprietary Facebook Advertising process.  
  • Step 1: Research & Preparation - We first research your perfect customer and audience to target in on your best leads and buyers.
  • Step 2: Design & Copywriting - We design and build out all of the necessary Facebook and Sales Funnel campaigns so we can not only launch the ads, but also have a destination were the leads are converted into customers.  
  • Step 3: Launch - This phase is very important because without it, tracking your results is very difficult.  
  • Step 4: Optimize - Optimizing is a process of finding winners and only focusing on the winning ad campaigns.  
  • Step 5: Scale - Our process allows for us to efficiently scale your ads while systematically keeping the cost down.
  •  What is your pricing?
  • Our prices start at $997 per month or 20% of adspend whichever is greater. We also have a 3 month minimum agreement and then it's month to month.  
  • For example: if you are spending $10,000 per month on Facebook Ads, you will pay us our fee of 20% which is $2,000 because it's greater than $997. 
  • Why do we charge a % of adspend? Because the more the budget for ad management, the more time and energy it takes to invest into your campaign and you want us highly invested in your success.
  • Do you have a referral program?
  • Yes, we certainly do. We offer 20% commissions for the first three months of each referred client. Ask us if you would like to become a referral partner and we'd be happy to discuss more details with you.
See How We Can Help You 
Target Your Market